abapGit: A Beginner's Guide

Understanding abapGit

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Being a developer, we know how important code back-up for all of us is. Talking about ABAP, there is no sure shot way of backing up our codebase and also get it reviewed at the same time. With ABAP git this issue no longer persists.

This course talks about how GitHub is of help even in the SAP world. It primarily focuses on how one can maintain a connection of SAP packages with a GitHub repository and how static code checks can be maintained in order to get quick syntax checks, checks for naming conventions, etc.

This course covers the following:

- What is Git and GitHub?
- What is abapGit?
- How to install abapGit?
- How to use abapGit?
- What is abapLint?
- How to use abapLint?
- Pros and Cons of abapGit

1. Basic understanding of ABAP
2. Basic understanding of how GitHub functions

Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Getting Started

Chapter 2 :   Introduction to abapGit

Chapter 3 :   Hands-on on abapGit

Chapter 4 :   Introduction to abapLint

Chapter 5 :   Pros and Cons of abapGit

Chapter 6 :   Quiz: Overall course Understanding


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